Over the years the wykenwizard website has changed considerably. It was initially set up to allow fellow geocachers to view clues to help them find ny geocaches. At the time I left many around the Warwickshire countryside and almost invariably the seekers had to solve a series of clues that would lead them to the final co ordinates. Unfortunately, I am not as fit as I used to be so I curtailed my geo caching activities. I still love the challenges that geocaching presents though and I thoroughly recommend it as a hobby for those wanting an outdoor pursuit. It is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all and in more recent times it seems to have become a major activity for the Scouts as it involves outdoor exercise combined with map reading skills. It also requires the use of the brain cells where there are puzzles to be solved. For anyone interested in geocaching visit www.geocaching.com and take a look.

For a while I combined geocaching with metal detecting, a hobby I have derived great enjoyment from. There is nothing quite like finding something that has been buried for hundreds, even thousands of years. At first I found it a difficult hobby to pursue as it is difficult to find land to detect on. After a while though I applied to join a club and everything changed as soon as my application was accepted. I joined the Coventry Heritage Detector Society and they had plenty of land available that they had gained permission to search over a number of years. Unfortunately, over time, the older founder members either died or became too old to play an active role in the society. Sadly, younger members who are still at work find it difficult to devote the necessary time to organising digs and taking care of the various administration tasks. Within a short time I had taken on the role of Treasurer and not long afterwards I became the Chairman. To date this is the activity that takes up most of my time, but as I am retired it keeps me both mentally and physically stimulated. Visiting farms and talking to farmers has become an enjoyable pursuit in itself and has given me an insight into just how big a job farming is. To see what metal detecting involves take a look at the two websites that I currently run:- Coventry Heritage Detector Society and also The Midland Federation of Metal Detecting Clubs .

Metal detecting now takes up most of my time, but I have always been involved in art in various forms and at various levels. I have also always enjoyed photography. I think that my photography interest developed (no pun intended) very young as my father was an avid photographer and had his own darkroom. My brother also enjoyed photography and had acquired some top of the range Leica cameras before he died in Australia in 1992. My father was also a radio enthusiast so in my very early years I became acquainted with amateur radio, antennas, valves etc. Radio is yet another hobby that I have retained an interest in and my army career saw me as a radio operator for a while which greatly increased my knowledge.

On the pages of this website you will see some of my drawings. These are mainly pencil drawings done in recent years. I have in the past done full scale paintings in water colour, oil, acrylic and pastel. Regrettably I have hardly any examples of my work available today. I exhibited my work at Oxford town hall in days gone by and enjoyed some success with sales there. I have produced some sculptures and they also have since gone to better homes. My art career started at Woodlands Comprehensive School in Coventry where I was greatly encouraged by my art master Colin Dick. When I returned to London at the age of 14 Mr Dick gave me a letter of recommendation to the Regent Street Polytechnic and also an introduction letter to prospective employers. As a consequence I became an art student and gained an apprenticeship with a silk screen printer as an artist. I learnt a lot from the resident artist at the silk screen printers and produced some early work that was well received. The money was, however, very poor and eventually at age 18 I became disillusioned and joined the Royal Artillery as a regular soldier.

Many years later I can look back on a diversity of experiences. I was a mechanic, class 1 heavy goods driver and eventually a transport manager having gained various qualifications working within the motor industry. I gained a certificate of professional competence in road transport management and was a member of the institute of the motor industry MIMI, associate member of the institute of road transport engineers AMIRTE , and a member of the institute of logistics MIL. You might think that I would have a great interest in cars, but that is not the case. For me, vehicles are just a means of getting from A to B although I did build a kit car in the early nineties which I named Halcyon Days. So there you have it. I gained certificates and qualifications in all manner of office related activities including Accountancy, Auditing, Wolf reforms, European Computer Driving Licence. The list of certificates gained is endless and I have them all filed away in a vast folder. The thing about these skills is though, that once you reach retirement age most of these qualifications become almost entirely useless. Which brings me back to the things that will always be a source of great enjoyment to me. My art and photography, pursuits I can hopefully enjoy until i die.

I hope you enjoy looking at my web site.