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This website is where I provide links to recordings I have made on You Tube. All of my videos use the music notation as found in the downloadable PDFs. There is no charge for any downloads, I write my arrangements and play my instruments purely as a very enjoyable hobby. Most of my arrangements are written in standard music notation and guitar TAB. Some are written for 4 stringed instruments such as the tenor guitar and baritone ukulele. I use the DGBE tuning for these which means the TABs can also be used for playing guitar on the first 4 strings. I use various guitars for my recordings and these are shown on the gallery page. For amplification I use three different sizes of Positive Grid Spark modelling amps. I have the Spark 40, Spark Mini and Spark Go. Each has the capability of producing the sounds of many world famous amplifiers as well as the effects of a multitude of effects pedals. For recording I use Focusrite Scarlett Solo and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio input devices. I can be contacted for any enquiries via E Mail at: alan@wykenwizard.co.uk
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